What clients have experienced...

"Alexandra Zohn changed my life and the life of my family...She invigorated my joy in food and my pleasure in nurturing others. I will forever be grateful to her for her wisdom, patience, and skill, and for the flavor, color, and variety that she has brought into my home."— ES

"Alexandra's depth of knowledge on food and healthy eating advice is unparalleled! We love her, the world needs her." ---TR

"Working with Alexandra has changed my life.  She has helped guide me on my health journey. She has given me the support and the tools that I needed to change my unhealthy habits and adapt new ones. As a result of my new guided outlook and vision for my future, my entire family is eating healthier and feeling better as well." ---SS

"My experience working with Alexandra was highly positive. I learned so much about new tendencies within the field of medicine and health linked to nutrition, she is incredibly knowledgeable. Alexandra helped me with finding the right diet, based on my personal needs. We also reviewed numerous issues, and together found solutions to these. I not only lost a lot of weight but found paths to leading a healthier and happier lifestyle in general. My mood, level of energy and overall physical and mental health improved tremendously. I highly recommend her as a coach and nutritionist."---NP

"Alexandra is so smart and so knowledgeable in all areas and aspects. I really love how she focuses on everyone's individual relationship with food. I think that's brilliant. She's truly kind, understanding and super realistic. And she also really got my son to value and appreciate her knowledge." ---PA

"Alexandra is a chameleon of sorts in the food world. Have you ever heard of an unbelievably talented cake decorator who also happens to be nutritional expert? Someone who has a true understanding for flavor combinations, with a highly sophisticated palette, while still being labeled a health cook? Alexandra's ability to fuse her incredible knowledge of ingredients from around the world while maintaining a true love for delicious food, make her a standout in the culinary world. This is a woman who was talking about kale, chia and coconut oil way before anyone ever stepped foot in a Whole Foods. I thought she was crazy then, but realize now that she is simply a genius."---KK

From the acknowledgments section of a book authored by a client:

"To Alexandra Zohn, for lovingly reminding me of the beauty that is within and right in front. For inspiring and pushing me toward a path of self love and reminding me to make the time to breathe!"---FG

"A woman approaching 50 has lots of changes to encounter. Thanks to lots of support and guidance from Alexandra I was able to embrace my new status and feel good about myself."--- AS

"As a person who is constantly struggling with weight loss, Alexandra provided effective strategies and tools to help me navigate my eating and nutritional goals."--- RE